Spicy Tomato Dal Dal learn to cook a few simple steps.

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Dal with rice appeared during our meal time in one form or another, whether the humble Palak dal, dal Mango or ubiquitous rasam, sambar, we almost every day.
At times, I also do this spicy tomato Dal which is fast, healthy and delicious. An Indian colleague of mine described as healthy soup in the comfort of a bowl. I could not agree more, I mean, after a long day what better way to relax than to have this single layer dal with a bowl of rice?


3/4 cup Toor dal
¼ cup moong dal (Split)
3 ripe tomatoes (medium) [chopped]
4-5 curry leaves
1-2 teaspoon chili powder
2-3 dry red chillies (broken)
Coriander leaves for decoration
1 tablespoon tamarind juice
2 tsp Jeera / cumin (I love cumin seeds)
A pinch of turmeric
1 teaspoon mustard seeds


Pressure cook the moong daal + Toor daal in enough water with 1 tsp jeera / cumin seeds, ¼ cup chopped tomatoes, a pinch of turmeric and 2-3 broken red pepper halves.

Once it is cooked, mash it and keep aside.
Now take a deep container and heat 2 tablespoons of oil and add mustard seeds coffee. After failures, add jeera seeds and curry leaves, broken red chillies and reduce the heat a little.
Add the diced tomatoes, salt and cook for a while until the water is absorbed tomato.
Add chili powder and if the flow required in some oil. Add the tamarind paste and cook again.
Then add the mashed boiled daal and mix well. Simmer for about 5-10 minutes.
Finally garnish with coriander leaves.
It tastes good when it is a bit tart, so go on little more tamarind or tomatoes. Serve with rice.

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