Share your recipe and earn money

Yes! Share your described recipe with us and earn money.You are specialized at recipes? Then why you should hide your talent within you. As a result, you can earn money for each recipe sharing with us. 

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On this platform you are going to get two benefits for each recipe sharing. Firstly,Become popular as a recipe master in public ( We will share your Name and photo if you want - This is optional).Secondly, Earn money for each recipe sharing.

Apart from this many more gifts for top contributors of the month. 

To share your recipe Send your wordy recipe description along with your name and photo (photo optional) to 

*Note: Recipe should be original, not copied from other sources like the Internet and websites.


  1. Hey Anil,Glad to land in this page..sucha nice blog you have.kudos to ur interest on cooking and photography

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    I wish you all the best!


    1. Hei sireesha, Thank you so much and you are always welcome. (h) :)


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